Some of the Most Common Conditions We Treat Include:

Musculoskeletal Pain

Back & Leg Pain
Neck, Shoulder & Arm Pain
“Whiplash” Injuries
Work Related Injuries
Sports Injuries
Failed Back Surgery & Other Post Surgical Pain Syndromes
Myofascial Pain
Facet Syndrome

Neuropathic Pain

Complex Regional Syndrome (RSD)
Postherpatic Neuralgia (Shingles)
Peripheral Neuralgia
Nerve Injuries
Phantom Limb Pain

Botox Treatment

Migraine headaches
Cervical Dystonia
Post stroke spasm
Bruxism and jaw pain
Hyperhydrosis(excessive sweating)

Other Conditions

Cancer Pain
Vascular Pain
Post Dural Puncture Headache
Diabetic Pain

Pain Caused by

Disc Herniation
Pinched Nerve
Spinal Canal Stenosis
Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunctions
Vertebral Subluxation Complex

For more information on procedures or conditions, click the following:

Epidural Steroid Injection (cervical, thoracic and lumbar)
Dorsal Root Ganglion Nerve Block
Epidurolysis (lumbar and caudal)
Trigger Point Injection
Botox Injections
Sympathetic Ganglion Block – Lumbar
Sympathetic Ganglion Block – Stellate
Sympathetic Plexus Block – Celiac
Sympathetic Plexus Block – Hypogastric
Facet or Hypoapophyseal Joint Injections
Selective Nerve Root Blocks  (cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine)
Peripheral Nerve Block
Sacroiliac Joint Injection
Radiofrequency Ablation – RFA
Discography (diagnostic, cervical, thoracic and lumbar)
Occipital Nerve Block
Major Joint or Bursal Injections
Implantation of trial and permanent Spinal Cord Stimulators